Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thanks, Aspen Elementary!!

The students at Aspen Elementary, under the direction of librarian Nancy Christiansen, wrote hundreds of letters, made cards and drew pictures and sent them to me to share with the Soldiers and Marines here. Of course they did all this last November for Veteran’s Day but it’s taken me this long to do anything about it. Typical me.

In any event, I wanted to thank her for having the children and teachers write us at the holidays. It was such a treat to receive what they sent. I passed the letters, cards and pictures out to the Soldiers and Marines here at Camp Blackhorse and they were enjoyed by everyone.

I wish we could have written back to each one but we don’t have the time so on behalf of everyone, here’s a collective “Thank You!!”

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Anonymous said...

Hello again. I continued to look around your blog and came across the images of everyone reading the mail. Sure enough your assistant and I were stationed together in Frankfurt during the 1990. You have a great person working for has been years but I still remember LeBaron as being one great friend to have around.

You have a great blog going...really am enjoying the sections. I actually work for a law firm in downtown Seattle were we have a few former JAGs working as attorneys.

Have this site bookmarked in my favorites. Will be checking back in regularly.

Tony Guzman