Sunday, January 14, 2007

Super Hero Humanitarian Visit!!

Wonder Woman decided she needed to accompany me on our humanitarian visit yesterday. Superman, the ever chivilrous Super Hero that he is decided that he needed to come with us to offer support and protection.

Here they are getting ready to get into the humvee.

Before the buckled themselves in, they made sure our gunner up top was prepared for battle. They found him sufficiently armed and protected. Only then did they consent to get inside the vehicle with me.

Here we are at the second location. Since it was a little more hectic, they stayed close by me until they ascertained that the situation was safe. After all was secured, they ventured out on their own to dispense supplies.

After we were finished passing out supplies and were cleaning up, they stood watch as we got loaded back into the humvees. We all felt much safer with them standing guard!!

Wonder Woman felt that Merrill had done such a great job that he deserved a kiss. From the expression on Merrill's face, I think he liked it.

(Me and Superman were just a little jealous!!)


Luke said...

If Superman and Wonder Woman are doing such a great job of getting things done and watching out for everybody, can you come home?

Andrew said...

Well, it's been a few days since I've "checked in." I'm worried. I'm thinking someone needs a little R&R. Maybe, wonderwoman and superman need to be put in a "safe" place for a while.

Just kidding--you and WW really make a cute couple....

Just a note: Someone is having a birthday on the 15th. I think he is the youngest guy in your group. He thinks he is a pirate...give him a good time.

Anonymous said...

Wonder woman needs some winter clothes, don't you think?

JAGMAN said...

Luke, I wish I could come home but unfortunately Superman and Wonder Woman said they need me here to be their photographer on all their upcoming missions. Batman has yet to get out and he also needs me here.

As for Wonder Woman, I think she looks very nice in her uniform. She seems to be impervious to the cold. Wish the rest of us were!

We did celebrate a certain young man's birthday yesterday. He got hugs and "kisses."