Sunday, January 14, 2007

FOB Puppies

There's a pack of dogs that live near the ANA 2nd Brigade headquarters. One of the females recently had a litter. The puppies are absolutely adorable. Wish I had a puppy!!! Wish my puppy were still a puppy but I love him the way he is.

Fairbourn covered the shelter they had with a piece of tin. When it snowed before Christmas I'm sure they appreciated the added protection.

Since these dogs are not spayed or neutered, I imagine we'll be seeing another litter of pups here shortly.


Janae said...

Please don't bring a puppy home for us, but I bet DeAnna and Olin would love one to give to Jacob for his birthday in February.

DeAnna said...

Ha! Ha! The "water it daily" Christmas gift was as close as I want to get with a puppy!

janae said...

My mom wants to know what kind of dogs they are.

Braxton said...

Yes, but the "water it daily" isn't as close as we want you get a puppy!