Sunday, January 21, 2007


The cat, who shall remain nameless, got his own entry yesterday. In looking back over the past entries on this page, I couldn't find one to my puppy Thor. So here it is.

About 7 years ago we adopted a beautiful, ice-blue-eyed baby. He was received into our home with open arms and great love. From the very first day, he was a perfect angel. He only ate one bowl of cream cheese. He only stole off the table one one gallon jug of corn oil, gnawed off the top and lapped it all up (yes, he was, pardon the pun, sicker than a dog). He only ate several sticks of butter. He only dug up a few holes in the back yard. But other than that, he’s been an angel.

The story of his adoption is quite fortuitous, for him that is. It was a Wednesday, maybe a Thursday. OK, it was a Wednesday. I was on my way to Park City for a conference. I had to get fuel for the City vehicle I was driving. (I’m a City Prosecutor for those of you just joining us.) The fuel pumps are near the animal shelter. For some reason that day I felt impressed to stop in and see who the latest “guests” were at the shelter. Since I prosecute the animal control cases I know all the officers. I told them I was there to take a look and they sent me in the back.

As soon as I opened the door, the dogs started jumping up in their cages barking. The noise was almost deafening. They were all up on their hind legs barking, except one. Him. He just sat there looking at me. My first impression was “what a beautiful dog.” My second impression was one of interest at why he wouldn’t be up barking at me. I made my way around the room looking at all the dogs and finally ended up in front of his cage. He still hadn’t uttered a “word” and still sat there looking at me. What struck me then were his eyes. I hope you can tell how beautiful they are from the picture. They’re even more beautiful in person. I wanted to see what he’d do if I stuck out my hand so I did. Maybe that wasn’t too smart but I did. He just licked my hand. I was in love.

I walked back out into the office and asked about the husky in pen number 7. I was told that he’d been picked up two weeks previously and that his owner had never come in to pick him up. I couldn’t believe it. Who wouldn’t want to come get such a beautiful dog? I was then told that he was scheduled to be put down the next day. The City’s policy is to put down any dog not collected after two weeks. I was then told that there was someone from an animal rescue group that was coming back the next afternoon to possibly rescue him.

I told the officer that I was interested in him as well but needed to talk with my wonderful, beautiful, kind, loving wife about him. They said they could hold off on the procedure for a day but that I’d have to come back first thing in the morning in case the other person came in to rescue him.

That night as we were sitting on the deck having dinner I asked Janae what she would do if I brought home a dog (I remember now, I did write about this as Janae posted her response to my question – oh well, I’m into this now so you’ll just have to read it twice.) and she said that I’d be sleeping with the dog if I brought one home. I then told her about this beautiful dog I’d seen and assured her that she wouldn’t have to take care of him, that I’d do it all (famous last words). With all my charm she couldn’t resist.

And with that, we became adoptive parents. I went in the next day and completed the paperwork. I took him to the vet and got a clean bill of health and after a little minor procedure, he came home to stay.

Because he’s such a cool looking dog, I had to come up with a really cool name. That took a while. Fortunately a friend at work suggested his name. As soon as I heard it I knew that was it. Thor. God of Thunder. That’s my puppy. Even thought he’s all grown up now and is actually an old man in dog years, he’s still my puppy.

He’s been great! Unlike the cat, he loves me. Unlike the cat, he comes when I call him. Unlike the cat, he doesn’t scratch the furniture. He does shed, but not very much (OK, that’s not quite true.) OK, he sheds a lot. In fact, as I mentioned at Christmas, I received a bag of his hair as a gift.

But we all love him!!

I know if he were writing this, he’d thank me for saving him. He’d say how much he misses me. He’d say that I’m the greatest friend he ever had.

He’d also say thanks to Janae for feeding him and changing his water. He’d say thanks to Janae and Luke and Seth and Braxton for taking him on the occasional walk. (Hint, hint.) He’d say that he loves them just as much as he loves me.
(He'd also say to those Atkinson girls, that he's the nicest puppy in the world and they shouldn't be afraid of him!!)


janae said...

You left out the bar of soap that he ate, the toys that he chewed up, the giant white cookies and cream candy bar that he stole out of Braxton's room, and all the cat food (and other cat items) he eats. The list could go on, but you get the idea. Although, I have to admit that I do love the dog, but not all the hair he leaves in my home. You don't need to hint about the walks, he has been getting plenty of walks, he just thinks he should get 12 a day.

Anonymous said...

That is a great story!! We would like to meet Thor someday when we are out west visiting our boys. Thor is one beautiful puppy. Has Iceman seen these pics. He wants a puppy too. Iceman loves animals! Thanks for sharing your stories about your cat and dog. Pet stories are the best. The bag of dog hair must have been your favorite gift.
Icemom and Icedad

Braxton said...

Okay, Dad, what happened when you mentioned the part about us taking him for a walk? Did a coconut drop on your head or something?

Braxton said...

Since Thor is the Norse God of Thunder, can we get a large, poisonous snake, name it Jormungand (The Midgard [What they called the world] Serpent in Norse legend) and have them kill each other? It was in a prophecy. The giants would go at war with the gods, and Jormungand would help the giants, Thor would beat the snake to death, after he poisoned him, so please, can we get a poisonous snake? Please?