Saturday, January 27, 2007

We Have a New BYU Student in our House

I got an e-mail from Janae this morning telling me that Seth had received a letter from Janae telling me that Seth had received a letter from BYU but since he wasn’t home she didn’t know what it said.

I got another e-mail, after he had gotten home, announcing the exciting news that he had been accepted into BYU for the fall semester!! I was so thrilled with the news. He has been working so hard for so many years to get to this point in his life that it was an answer to a prayer to get the news. He’s now the third generation of Church/Durfee to attend BYU. My parents both graduated from the “Y” as did Janae’s parents. Seth’s parents both graduated from this fine institution so now we’re sending the next one.

I can’t believe that we’re old enough to have a son in college. I was telling Seth in a letter that I wrote him today that I can distinctly remember my parents at this age and while I didn’t think they were exactly old, I don’t remember them being as young as I feel. Of course my elbows and knees and other body parts don’t feel particularly young but that’s beside the point.

In any event, I digress, this was supposed to be about Seth. So Seth, congratulations on your tremendous accomplishment. Mom and I are so proud of you. You’re well on your way to becoming a rich dentist who will support his parents in their old age in the style to which they deserve!!
After drafting this post, I discovered this picture. This is my dignified, University-bound son. Doesn't he make a father proud?


Merleen said...

Congratulations Seth! That is a great accomplishment.

Yes, Bob, we are older now. It is amazing to me that I am old enough to be a mother to most all those college students. This occurred to me a few years ago. It is disconcerting. I thought I was just there, in college. I have been looking through my scrapbook recently and thinking it was so long ago. Where did all that time go?

I thought I would enjoy growing older, but it seems to be bothering me a bit. I think it is because in our culture, older people are looked upon as being past their prime, and not having any wisdom, unless you are rich and famous. What a crock.

Enough of my ruminating.

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DeAnna said...

Seth, who does your hair?! It must be someone extremely loveable and kind since you wouldn't let just anyone do that to you!

Anonymous said...

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