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Humanitarian Visit - January 13, 2006

NOTE: I may write a narrative of our visit later but for now, I'll let the pictures and descriptions speak for themselves.

We finally went on our humanitarian drop today.

Here's the front of our convoy lined up, ready to go.

We took several ANA soldiers with us. It was great as they passed out most of the items and kept the kids and adults under control.

We went to a girl's school first and passed out a few items.

This little girl was wearing the most beautiful dress. The picture doesn't do it justice. The yellow circles on the dress were actually shiny spangles. Her dress sparkled in the sun. I mistakenly thought she came from a family with money but Wais pointed out that she was wearing sandals with plastic bags over her feet. He said that families will purchase beautiful clothes for their kids for the holidays despite not having money for other things.

Here I am in the line passing out clothes from a box my Aunt Merleen Fox sent. Thanks Merleen!!

I also got several boxes of clothes and toys from Sheryl Anderson and her ward's primary. It's the same ward that my cousin Russell and Melissa Fox live in. Thanks to them! Another thanks to Paula Goodfellow, another one of my donors that I've never met, don't know personally but who took the time to assemble boxes of clothes to send. Thank you!!
This young man was holding his sister. I gave her a beanie baby sent by my Aunt. I then noticed her feet. What do you see on them? Frostbite? That was about all that there was. When I noticed that, Wais and I went looking for a pair of shoes for her. We found a pair that fit perfectly in a box Marintha Miles. I don't know Marintha and don't know how she found about our need, but thank you Marintha for sending 4 boxes full of shoes!! I know this little girl and her family thank you as well!!

Janae sent me some mini-soccer balls. Soccer is the favorite sport here so you can imagine what a hit they were with the boys.

After we passed out the items at the girl's school, we went to another location where hundreds of kids and their mothers were waiting.

It was here that I passed out several boxes of items donated to Luke's Eagle Scout project. These boxes had the school supplies. The clothes were in a different location. Thanks to all of you who donated towards Luke's project. I still have lots of boxes under my bed and more are coming every day. We'll get them distributed before too long and I'll post the pictures at that time.

Here I am passing out hygiene kits that came as part of Luke's Eagle project as well as beanie babies. Like most kids, they were more thrilled with the beanie babies than they were with the toothpaste, but in the long run, I hope the toothpaste ends up being of greater value to them.

Here's one of the interpreters helping me pass out the school supplies that Luke sent.

Merleen found some great blankets and sent them. Here's just one mother that was a recipient of her willingness to send things.

Merleen also sent lots of winter clothes. She made these really cool hats that also served as a scarf. Here's a picture of just one child I personally gave them to. The girls were so excited to receive them.

One of our secretaries at work, Cecilia Zambrano, knitted me some beanies. When I wore the black one I was told that it was not authorized. So, I put them to good use. I gave them to these brothers. I couldn't get them to look at the camera. (I'm not wearing my helmet as I had put on the black beanie for the previous picture - not shown here.)
Cecilia also sent me some silly string. There was a group of teenage boys hanging on the wall trying to get us to give them something. Wais and I gave them something - we squireted them with silly string. We then gave them the half-full cans. They loved it!!

Wais really enjoyed passing out the items and he was a huge help.

The group Soldier's Angles sent me several boxes of fleece blankets. They were a huge hit with the kids. Thanks to Joan Sandoval for sending the blankets.
I've been so impressed by the support that we have received from groups and individuals at home. I can't thank you enough for all you've done for us!!
Thanks everyone!!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to use the internet. I feel incredibly distant whenever I participate in a humanitarian effort (assembling hygiene kits and knotting ties on fleece blankets...). Your photo-story boosted my moral by bringing what's going on "out there", here. Thank you for putting this together.