Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Cat

Janae reminded me that I hadn’t written anything about the last member of our family. I’m repenting of that error and will try to write something fitting of this member of our family.

I’m the cat. Don’t bother me. I only do what I want, when I want. I will disappear when you want me. I’ll be around when you don’t want me. While most cats will meow at the door when they want out, I think it’s more fitting to go into the living room and scratch the couch. That’s a sure sign I want to be let out.

I don’t like the kind, wonderful man of the house. He stepped on my head when I was little and I haven’t forgiven him. Of course it wasn’t my fault. I was taking a nap on the stairs leading from the kitchen to the garage. I can’t help it if it was dark in the garage and that he was carrying something in his arms so he couldn’t see me. He should have known that all space is my space and take care to look where he walks.

So now I get back at him. I sit in his chair and won’t move. I lie on his side of the bed. I do whatever I can to annoy him. I also annoy him because he likes the dog more than me. I just don’t understand it.

Of course I love the lady of the house. She pets me, gives me treats and treats me like the king that I am. (Boy do I have her fooled!!)

I think I do contribute around here. I keep the mouse, bat and giant moth population down. If I’m feeling particularly generous, I leave an offering of one of these things on the garage steps. I’ve been known to stalk and kill poor, defenseless birds, but what do you expect, I’m a cat.

So there you have it, a tribute to the last member of our household. The cat.


Star said...

I am way smarter and cuter than the dog.

janae said...

You're lucky that the rabbit, hamster, and bird died, or you would have a lot more blog pages to write about the animal members of our household. The fish said that they don't need a blog page.

DeAnna said...

You sure have gotten into his head pretty well!

Anonymous said...

For someone who claims he doesn't like cats, you certainly understand and think like one.

Braxton said...

Dad, when you get home, there's one thing I want you to do, find this wonderful man, and tell him he cannot come into the house without your permission.

Braxton said...

Dad, the fish need a blog page.

Braxton said...

Dad, why don't you do a blog page about our dead animals.