Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Old Man Has Turned 44 (Quoted by Luke)

Janae asked me if I was going to write something about me for my birthday. Well what can I say without sounding boastful? Since I found that task to be daunting, I decided to let the members of my family say something about me instead.

Here’s what Janae had to say about me. “He’s the most wonderful husband in the world. He works really hard for his family and loves us very much. His Mom told me several years ago to be sure and tell her when he finally grows up. I still haven’t been able to tell her that because he has yet to grow up. That’s why the boys and the youth enjoy him so much. He tries really hard to do what’s right and set a good example for his sons. Even though my Dad paid him to marry me I’m glad I did! Kidding!! For 20 years he’s been a wonderful husband and for 18 years has been a great dad. That’s one thing I knew about him is that he would be a great dad and he is. I miss him terribly and love him even more. Thanks to everyone who sent him a card.”

Here’s what Seth said. “I like the fact that my Dad is gone because I get to drive my (his) car every day. OK, I don’t really like him being gone and I wish he were here instead. He’s always been a great Dad and friend. He’s been a good example to me especially as I prepare for my mission. I wish he would get home before I leave. I can’t wait to buy BYU football tickets next fall so he and I can go to a few of the games together. I love my Dad a lot. Happy Birthday Dad!”

Luke said, “I hate it when my Dad gives me kisses. (I think he really likes it.) I’m glad that I’m finally taller than he is. He’s been a great Dad and I miss him a lot. Now he really is an old man! Oh yea, I love my Dad and Happy Birthday.”

Braxton got in his two cents worth, “My dad is crazy. He thinks Spanish is better than French but he’s wrong. I really miss him and wish he would come home soon. I love my Dad and hope that the old man has a nice birthday.”

So there you have it, thoughts from my family on my birthday.

So how was my birthday? It was actually a good day. I splurged at breakfast and had eggs, sausage, a biscuit and orange juice. I usually just eat Special K with Red Berries so that was a treat. I was on the convoy that went to BAF (Bagram Air Field) to take Merrill up there so he could go on pass. (Batman finally got to get out and came with me, WonderWoman and Superman on the trip.) While there I had a Calzone for lunch and then a 30 minute back rub. It was great. I had just about fallen asleep when I felt the phone in my pocket start to vibrate. It startled me just a little and tickled even more. Anyway, I knew it was Wais calling to see where I was and sure enough, after my massage I checked my phone and it was him. He came with us and has a wonderful knack of calling me at the most inopportune moments.

Anyway, after we got back, I went and worked out then came back to my room to open the gifts Janae and the boys had sent and read all the cards I got. I’m going to include a list of names of those who took the time to write but know how much I appreciated the thoughtfulness and time you spent in writing and sending me the card. Of course thanks needs to go to Janae for letting you know about my birthday and starting the card campaign. She has taken such good care of me while I’m here. Actually she has always taken great care of me and constantly spoils me. She’s great. I then called home and read scriptures with Janae and the boys and talked to Janae for a while. That was great. I then helped Wais with the translation of some documents. Then I started on this entry. After I’m done here I’m going to watch the Best of Designing Women Janae sent me while I eat chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream. OK, it’s actually an Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate chocolate chip muffin but it’s actually better than cake. And the chow hall actually had ice cream tonight in those individual little cups. Lucky me.

So that’s been my birthday. It’s actually been a pretty good day.

Right before we left on our convoy this morning, Aaron ran over to where I was sitting in my humvee and gave me a big hug and wished me Happy Birthday. Of course it was nothing more than a brotherly hug. Nothing more.

I rode back with Aaron. The back roads were incredibly muddy and they presented somewhat of a challenge to Aaron. Superman had to make an appearance to give him some encouragement and support.

After we got back from BAF we went to fuel up the vehicles. Next to the fueling point are a couple of old SCUD missles. Aaron talked to the ANA guards and they let us climb up on them and have our picture taken. I was sitting up there and Aaron climbed up behind me. I was a little surprised when he grabbed me around the waist, hence the look on my face in the picture. Once again, all in brotherly love!! Keep your minds clean the rest of you rabble!!

The SuperHeros also got their pictures taken with the scuds as well. They told me that they remember the days when they single handedly knocked down several that had been directed at some of our top secret targets. It was quite the moment hearing them tell the stories!! It was amazing!!

So what did I get for my birthday? Well Janae and the boys sent me two seasons of X-Files, one of my favorite shows, a Husky beanie baby to remind me of my puppy back home, and some on-the-go lemonade mix. Janae sent me the balloons as well. She's so festive! Janae left a comment and reminded me of the most important things about my gifts. They were wrapped in cat paper? Can you believe the nerve of them. She said that when she saw it on sale she coulsn't resist. So yes, exept for one, I had to endure cute, little kitten and cat wrapping paper. What a sense of humor this woman that I married has!!
Aaron presented me with two gifts his parents had sent me. Here are a couple of pictures of what they sent. Can you tell that when you squeeze the ball the cockroaches appear? How about when you squeeze the skull, maggots and blood ooze out. Pretty gross huh? I’m sure my boys will love them! They must have read my blog page about my love of bugs. Thanks you guys!!

Well it’s late, I want to eat my cake and ice cream so I’m going to finish. Let me just say that I’m so grateful to all of you who have shown such love and support, not only to me but especially to my family. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. It makes being away a little bit easier. I can’t wait to get home and thank you in person.

I love you guys!!

Oh, and here’s the list of all you who sent me cards. If you sent me one and your name is not on the list then I apologize. It either hasn’t arrived yet or it’s on my closet and I didn’t pull it off when I made the list. Sorry.

Don & Pat
Bill & Mardene
Mike & Elaine
Don & Sandi, Family
Ron & Joan
Dr. Craig
Janae, Seth, Luke, Braxton
Bob & Marilyn
John & Kristen
Kent & Cyd
Loy & Emily
Dalin & Memorie and family
Donna & Lyman
Nephi & Leona
Chuck & Merleen
Russell & Melissa
Dave & Cindy
Michael & Cheryl
Dave & Norma
Bill & Kris
Helmet & Gail
VarDee & Linda
Than & Lana
Brent & Emily
Jeff & Laurie
The Purcell’s
Jim & the City
The Salter's
Phill & Elaine
John & Carol
Craig & Liz
James & Natalie
The Tuck’s
Ron & Kris
Andy & Cory
JB & Julie
Dave & Pam
Ron & Pam
Got a few more cards from,
Anita & Peter
Elizabeth and Rick
Clark and Kathy
DeAnna and Olin
David & Michelle and Family
The cards keep coming:
John & Sarah
David & Tere
Mark & Lisa Vaugh
Merrill & Gene
My office back home


janae said...

You forgot to mention the beautiful cat wrapping paper that we wrapped your birthday gifts with. Happy Birthday to the best man ever!!!!!!

Chris said...

More cards on the way from you really late brother.

Tigger's Wife said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
You are an old man!!

Andrew said...

In just shy of two decades, Aaron will know what it is like to be 44 years old. If he's cuddling you on your birthday, I can imagine what he'll do on Valentines. Anyway....I'm glad the super heros travel with you. How often do they go back to HQ for joint meetings with Aquaman and the Wonder Twins? Does WonderWoman ever want to "bundle" up when it is cold outside? She looks a wee bit "skimpy"--but very photogenic....

Jacquie said...

Is it the end of Jan. already??!! I have the note on the fridge to send you a birthday card but can't believe the month is over and I missed that opportunity. So you get a comment birthday wish from the Six's. Happy Birthday Bob!!! You're not so old, you're younger than me and I'm not old, or at least don't think so even though my children say I'm old and moldy. Remember you're as young as you think you are, until your body starts falling apart like my doc told me on my 40th annual physical and then it did start falling apart. Oh, well. We've still got 40 more years to go, hopefully? Glad you had a special day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jagman,
We hope you like maggots and roaches and squishy things.
We are glad that Aaron got to hug you before he gave you our gifts.
You must be very important to receive so many cards on your birthday.
How was the SCUD ride?
Icedad & Icemom

The Earth mage (someone who isn't in touch with reality) said...

Happy birthday. You're getting old and moldy. You'll be falling apart before you get home. It's Seth's car.